Reviews for "The Intern"

Funny as fuck

This is offically one of the funniest flashes ive ever seen. I spit my soda on the screen after the first take.

Sw33t! XD

Jesus Christ dude! What the hell cartoons inspired that!?
Really good, keep up the good work


ES ESTUVO BUENISIMO. Mr. Twinkles looked a little bit like the Oogy Boogy from the nightmare before x-mas. Best flash I've seen this week. Keeps it up!!!!


that was awesome. You should make another one. like a sequal or something. I really love rocketman at the end. Thats a Family Guy classic right there.

You Split My Sides!

That was the funniest thing since RAB. I haven't laughed so much at anything on NG
since the summer of 2003. I was laughing my ass off. It was so mother fuc*ing funny@
You must make more cartoons like this!!! :-D