Reviews for "The Intern"

Best Flash I've Seen Yet.

Best Flash I've seen on NG to date. I don't even usually bother writing a review but this one warranted it.


Thats da funniest flash iv cin in a while, made me laff a lot. go hippo that girl eservd wot she got!
lol make sure u make more funny stuff like that!!

That was fucking awsome

that kicked ass man, i cant wait for subtitles couldnt understand some of it. but still fucking awsome man


*hugs author*
Great work! Funny as hell, and I adored it. Especially when the little girl is spinning through the air before she gets thumped into the wall. Truly brilliant, and I'm giving you all 10's even though some things don't apply 'cause I'm a fucktard.
Thanks for the laughs!


hahaha i loved it i hated that lil girl thooo grrrrr hahaha great job man keep it up