Reviews for "The Intern"

The girl in this video is my favorite!! She almost sounds like one of the Chipettes from Alvin and the Chipmunks because of her squeaky voice!! LOL!!

funny and cute
its like death to smoochy in a nutshell (except the intern is wearing a hippo suit)
and some scenes is anime-ish but teh flash is not anime

good job btw

YES! I had been seaching this on Newgrounds forever....it took me 10 years like hell to find it.

This is too hilarious and still talking about it in 2015!

it is 2012 and i still watch this video, brings me back to high school its a classic


I don't know why but this kinda reminds me of that dark comedy movie I liked called "Death to Smoochy".......except this is a little different.
It probably reminds me of that 'cuz of the guy in a hippo suit,ne? ^_^

Anyways, good job! ^__^