Reviews for "The Intern"

I spit coffee all over my keyboard.

HAHA. That said, this reminded me of "Death to Smoochy" at first, but went on to be original and hilarious. I espescially loved the "Judo-GRAB!" moment, and when she picks up the puppet+plus+puppet-show and hurls it at the hippo. ;) Funny stuff, and I'd say the sound wasn't that bad at all. The guy yelling "Action!" kinda reminded me of a fighting game or something. All in all, kick arse job dude.

he he he...

that's sooo fucking funny man, just work on the drawings and the sound. ha ha ha HE HE HE HE!!!HAH!!!...funny

Crappy Sound

This is crap. Really dude you sux

Mediocre at best...for now

The piece had a lot of potential if it were pushed in the right direction..it had obvious humor in place (which was funny), but as far as the storyline itself, it lacked a sense of "getting the viewer to remain interested" sort of thing.

it wasn't funny

the beginning story part was horrible. the spy cam scenes were ok, and thats probably what the whole movie shudda been. it was long, and it might be taking up space on newgrounds, so it would be best just to blam it, its not even worth staying for the credits. not funny. none of it.