Reviews for "The Intern"

So... Funny

Just uber crazy and weird as hell. It reminds me of Death to Smoochy, cause of the rhino guy. When they started fighting it just got funnier and better. The audio for the little girl was a little bad, but overall an awsome piece of work!

Etremly Hilarius!!

Quick to load. and a long movie. im suprised. all this BAD Language, Sounds, Voices and mostly VIOLENCE!! theres so much on the plate it's hard to Swallow it!!! I luaghed so much. i can't wait for MORE!! i need more!!!


this has to be THE funniest flash movie that i have EVER seen. i crack up even though i saw it many, many times. i'm sure everyone else thinks the same way


sound could of been better but i liked it.


Funny, hilarious, very good...but it'd be even funnier if the little girl was whoring herself out to the hippo dude, and at the end he's like, "Little Whore..." then she goes "AAAAAAH!" and kicks his ass....That'd be OWNZORZ