Reviews for "The Intern"


wow is all i hav to say

Great,just great

This was an excellent flash submission. The humor took a little to get going but once it got going, it was pure hilarious. The only thing I did not like was the little girl's voice, it was hard to understand at some points, but still I like your work.


Damn this was messed up as hell but pretty funny at the same time should've had better voice for the girl but thats it.

not bad

Rip off of Death To Smoochy.

An amazing work from a Newbie!

Bravo, this is uproariously funny! Sure, the voices are messed up, the sound doesn't always fit, and when the intern says B**ch near the end, the bleep dowsn't come until the word is fully out, but besides that, this was a wonderful performance. May Steven's Comics Productions outlive you in the people's minds.