Reviews for "The Intern"

Four Words:

Mr. Twinkles sings Rocketman. i rest my case.

Hehehe...ooooh, I love it!

Oh, wow...that was awesome. I was skeptical at first, but i'm glad I stuck it out.
I really needed to smile tonight, and thanks, you did it! Now i'm all cheerful again ;P
Sooo...reviews. Right. Okay. *cracks knuckles*
The humor was really cute, I liked it when they started to really get at each other's throats...literally, and as a figure of speech, of course.
The violence was well planned out and not as random as some of the flashes i've seen, and you really played well on the rage factor. High marks all around, and i'll definetly be checking out more of your work! ^.^


pretty good
reminds me of how me and my sis get along
and of all those stupid kid TV shows

Not bad...

Reminds me of how my little sister and I get along! The thing that bothered me was the voice of the little girl being all muffled. I cannot understand her 80% of the time.
Beyond that, it was a movie worth watching once or twice. ;)

i am so sorry

i really am sorry, because i KNOW that this is good, i'm postivie of it. but i had such a hard time understand the little girl. i could only catch about a half of what she was saying and that was only when she was talking slow. when she went on her rants (which i'm sure were hillarious) i couldn't understand a word. i'm sure this was great but i was too distracted by that.