Reviews for "GunChest"

sound was early on my computer.

good movie. easy game. make it harder. good job:) and the sound wuz early on my computer. not sure if its the movie or if it was my cpu.

...wow you can use shape tweens....

Dude, a good movie involves more then some clever layer and tween usage... and your art leaves something to be desired... but OK for a start


great job man but fight scene at the end was waaay too easy. maybe give the robot special move or summing, but great movie/game anyway.

Forget whatever u ripped off its more of an..

inspiration It never popped in my head what show u "ripped it off" from so u did well to me. Yo I want more as a matter of fact do a cartoon series on it then make a game cause I loved it beautiful animation and fighting. You should make more a of a story if you gonna make this a game or a flash. I wanna know the peeps you know? And more moves can't forget the moves. If he's the only character I have a trust your gonna give him newer moves the more the progresses through out the game. Or do w/e the hell u want.

Very good, fun even for only one lvl

every thing aside, I loved the game... very short though, but I find such games get old tooo quick anyway.

The music. You got it from painkiller didn't you...... Military base fight music, if Im not mistaken.