Reviews for "GunChest"

holy crap!

this was the BEST THING IVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!

GunChest responds:

Another Holy Crap! Any Crap is good for me as long as it's Holy, I tell ya. Thanks bud


animation was simply awsome.

GunChest responds:

Thanks Super Saiyan,
You'll hear more from me!

woah,a great movie and a game?

this is like a women with a penus installed!!!just kiddin,this is awesome,i saw how much movement was around every scene,PHAT!!!i can see how much serious effort you made....woah....as for now,im gonna chant what i did 2 years back in a football match..."go....korea!!*dum-dum*!goooo Korea!!!*dum-dunm*.....sing with me!!!im from singapore!!!!GO KOREA!!!!

GunChest responds:

I'm singing with you... dum dum dum dum. Thanks for the cheer. Go Singapore!!!

this rules


GunChest responds:

Yeah! Korea!

Nice. Very nice.

I liked it a lot. I just thought that there would be more than one enemy to fight but it was actually fun. Im still playing it. OH SH*T IM DEAD!!! NOOOO!!! Oh well. Make a version 2 but make it have at least 5 or more enemies [time to play it again! YEA!!!]

GunChest responds:

Thanks for playing GunChest. Next in line is Joint Sword ready to attack GunChest. She says, "Are you ready to die in two swings!" Never fear, GunChest is here!!!