Reviews for "SpriteTT#4:FinalFantasy"

Hurray, ST.T4 Is up!

Well good job team, im surprised this came together. To defend my Movie, the font is seriously messed up! I dont know why. the font i was using, Square had. And yet it still was wrong. O well Square did as good as he could to help it.

In other news...I think i'm out of the Time Trials. its just taking too much out of my game making time. and well yah...Maby ill come back if theres something extra special to work on. Like sonic or zelda or something...

See you on the field: JT&co


it's the same stuff all the time. how come you don't get bored doing this POS?

SquareHard responds:

i dont know, how come you like it in the ass? cuz ur used to it, so u keep doing it, over and over again

Fuh-reakin' awesome!

Everyone did awesome in this one! Best one was probably Xanadu32's. Those made-from-scratch FF VII sprites just made it awesome. Anyways, everyone's was great, and I can't wait 'till the release of #5!

Good FF bad AA

You badly needed sounds and voiceovers in this. The text for the words apprears on the screen for so long I could read it like 10 times before it goes to the next sentence. it was like watching a flash in SLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWW MOOOOOOOTTTIOOOOOONNNNN.

Of course you ratings will be artificially inflated due to the FF freaks on this site. But do not let that fool you , the animation needs serious work on the audio side. The graphics and plot were acceptable however.

SquareHard responds:

U SO SMART! U READ FAST! GOOD FOR U! but some people cant, so thats why i have the text out for a little longer

learn you're from your

the person who made the last flash on the list, "YOU'RE" a fob dammit
omg i dun know the difference between "your'" and "you're" we fuking learned this in 3rd grade dammit!!!

SquareHard responds:

you mean like you're an idiot? and you're gay? and you're a fucking dumbass? yea, np