Reviews for "SpriteTT#4:FinalFantasy"

u had a chance 2 make it good, but some fucked it

ok, im listing off my comments with each of the ppl with scores

SQUAREHEAD=1(only cause u made mog look pimp ass)
sure some of it was good... but u FUCKED it up with the best character in the fucking game... u made shadow a fag... WTF ISM WRONG WITH U!!! GODAMIT!!! he is the most fucking cool character EVER!!!!!!!!!! ur a disgrace
Tootbook=6, because u used leo, cool ass character that shoulda been in more, and getting the man laid, but edgar is cool, palidon cecil can suck a fuck, hes gay, lol dark was betta.
HAcoreRD=8, very nice, nothing that i didnt like, as a matta of fact almost all of it was, exept what da hell was with the lolly pops? lol i want 2 know, respond on that deffinatly, so ya, good good, hope 2 c more ff3 stuff from u, or whateva
xanadu32=5 well... u recaped the whole ff7... exept with gameshark... i swear if u cheated on that godly of a game, u should b shot... good recap of game, i guess, but dude... get off the cheats... itsa hellofa drug, lol
luigi_dude12=7, eh... it was alright, coulda been betta, could have been worse, so i gace u the betta of the 2 haha.
In total i give it a 2 outa 5 cause of square head... douchbag from hell... well ya, make somthing GOOD about shadow and ill give u guys a 5 next time and will continue 2 do so, could have been betta, less gay jokes, more comedy, gay jokes can only go soo far till they just get stupid any anoying. so use em, but not at such a high variety, only if that is the story, for 1 huge thing, about things being gay and shit like that, well whateva, do betta next time.

********* ****RESPOND****** ***********


SquareHard responds:

naw, u dont get a response, ur not even worth my time ho, and shadows a fag, u heard me, HES A FAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how do u like dem apples? SHADOWS A FAGGGGG! FAG FAG FAG FAG FAG

not impressed

if this was going to be funny, this was both very generic, very sloppy, and overall, not something i could see getting this high a score unless it was sprites.

i'm disapointed you place popular demand over quality, something original would have been nice, and perhaps a smoother flow of things. the graphics are in it's truest sense, not urs, and when any of you did do your own, it was ugly at best (luigi and his clouds, yuk)... that in itself proved to me that little effort was taken into consideration for this movie as a whole, in which i was disapointed the most.

c'mon guys! think about your submissions and stive to do better. i've seen little improvement over the months. you better buck up, or else your gonna piss a lotta people off and ruin the good name of sprites. in my mind, it's allready downhill if this continues. try harder, i knwo u guys have some talent and gusto!



i agree with the last guy.

SquareHard responds:

sure you do, at least the last guy has something to back up his word, what do u have? jack shit? ok, u can go jump off a cliff now, cuz no ones gonna care anyways, thx for the review jackass

It's like those matrix collections, only 10x worse

Ripped graphics, slow action, spelling or grammatical errors on every submission, and overall BAD STALE COMEDY.

Watching sprite battles is totally boring. They offer absolutely nothing but poorly imported recycled attacks from the games that they originate--then a bunch of numbers float by. The punchlines are either someone getting killed by said recycled attacks or just excessive homosexuality inserts. Not even the Gameshark thing is that funny.

Wanna know why? This is the year 2005. Meaningless videogame violence stopped being considered 'impressive', 'original' or 'funny' back in 2001. In other words, text-based sprite movie humor is older than dirt now. It's not an amazing craft that requires a lot of time or patience--it's simple importing that takes a few clicks to get all of the graphics into the program. The most work you need to do involves a google search and a few image swaps or tweens. Now, it doesn't mean that every single sprite movie out there is garbage--just... crap like this. Voiceacting would be a good call. At least that way you can take a step further from what pretty much would be better off left as a comic strip.

There's such a thing called 'standards' now. Just about everyone can make stuff like this and hardly try at all--and by now everyone knows it.

From what I've seen you just lay down a bunch of insults to your reviewers who are telling you the truth. Talking to you guys is like talking to a brick wall. I'm probably using big words that none of you have learned in grade school yet, like 'original' and 'try'... Real authors enjoy getting bad reviews, as they're usually meant to tell them what they are doing wrong and how to improve on their material.

You may now proceed ignoring all of this entirely and going "LOL U FAG U SUK SUK IT U DUN HAFVV AZ MENEE PORRTTLL AWARDZ N IM k00l kuZ I MAYK FF MOVEEZ BICH"

SquareHard responds:

i got no problem with anything u said, as long as u hurry YOUR ASS UP WITH AFRENHOUSE 3!!!!!!!!!OMG! IVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER! LOL! hurry up man, im like one of yo biggest fans ;D, thx for the demoralizing and demeaning review, and in the great words of pikachu, DUAHDJAKSJDFKJALKSJLKDAJLFKJAKLSJDKLFJAS, Joes here

well guys...

Not a strong time trial...the only one that made me laugh was xandu and his, Gameshark thing. im like omg thats soo true!!! friggin cheaters...*ahem* anyways to the review

Graphics: Nice smooth well cut sprites. nothing wrong there.
Style: Final Fantasy T.T!! Need i say more?? Original!
Sounds: Kinda weak on the sounds..and there was suttin wrong cuz i heard a grinding noise
Violence: Some but not to interesting
Interactivity: COngrats to all! you can make buttons!! and yea thats bout it.
Humor: Like i said only Xanadus gameshark thing was funny. the rest was so so.
Overall: 7 - Not bad but these time trials are losing interest now. better come up with suttin creative soon!