Reviews for "SpriteTT#4:FinalFantasy"

good job

This was realy well done good job. the black mouse thingy was kinda cute with an attitude lol.

I think I luv you....ya i know...creepy

Gotta love ff. Great flash...better than the one my gf gave me..lol (so lame) anyway, keep up the hilarious work!!! Peace Out, Rock On, and live the good life!!!

I didn't laugh much but this was awesome

wow it was long but great, very cool ideas. I really did enjoy it, good work guys.

Good work

Well, I'm not as enthusiastic about FF as I used to be, but this was a good collab.

Square Hard: This was pretty funny. The beginning with Shadow was good, along with the killer moogle. Ended a bit abruptly, but I guess that happens a lot with TT stuff. Edits weren't bad.

Tootbook: Heh heh, Leo's a perv. Explains why he gets beaten up so often in FF sprite flashes. And I gotta admit, Cecil and Edgar talking camp is pretty funny. A bit difficult to tell who was speaking though. Well, you know I like your stuff anyway. =P

HAcoreRD: Nice representation of Kefka. Always knew he was a wuss, but an evolved Edward would take it a bit far (I prefer Kuja, he's more calculating and I like that in a villain). Heh, Gau's grammar is already bad enough without learning 1337 though. Good work.

Xanadu32: Nice FFVII sprites. The fight scene was a bit slow, but the ending was funny.

Luigi_dude12: Hmm. Not as good as the others. The fight scene was OK, but a bit off in parts. Plus other than the weird pink guy it wasn't really humourous. The sprites used were good though. The end was disturbing, but raised a smile.

Voted 4 overall, would have given the review score an 8, but the music brought it down a bit. :( I noticed Blue Laguna in the credits. It would have been cool to hear some music from non-FF games. Star Ocean and Shadow Hearts have some pretty good tunes, along with some of the other games.

That aside, good work everyone.

SquareHard responds:

well, the benny hill was non FF? <3, but other than that, pretty much all FF, but it was a FF TT after all anyways :D, thx for the review

Needs work

Well first the loading background loops needs to have a turn off option. it's really annoying at first until it gets to the end when another loop comes in then it sounds better.

The graphics are alright just when inside the places the zoomed in feature isnt a really great idea to be honest. Its too pixed in and hard to tell who is who without knowing by color. you should of kept inside view the same zoom as the outside.

The story mode really doesnt surprise me at all. only funny part was the killing.

SquareHard responds:

wrong flash buddy