Reviews for "SpriteTT#4:FinalFantasy"

hes right

i agree with 07demona.

That was pretty good but...

The only thing i really found funny was Xanadu32. That was funny with cloud telling his story to his kids but, Cross-slash against Sephiroth? Why not Omnislash man?

ok then...

Squarehard's was kinda funny, when DarkKnight Cecil beats up Paladin Cecil, but the i lokked awful when mog sliced ppl up.

Tootbok's wasent really funny, more like mediocre.

HAcoreRD's was pretty good, but you need to have played ff4 and ff6 to understand it(next time find a lollypop sprite, or make one).

Xanadu32's was funny, but the battle scenes needs some improvement.

Luigidude_12's had a decent battle, but it semmed pointless.
(And what the fuck was that pink guy)

Alltogether the title got my hopes up, but the movie let me down.

I thought it was great

I liked it,jokes and all...I was hoping most of them were longer,but they ended at the wrong parts...U guys keep going though,cause u havent ceased to amaze me with ur great flashes

Game Sharks are gifts from the Gods

well, it was ok, these little group projects are always a way to get better skills and to get known, but only if you do it right...This, this just wasn't right... With the exception of Luigi Dude, the stories were shot, boring, or/ and just plan stupid. Also, there were like a LOt of gay jokes, like, a dozen too many...really took the funny out of it like a sponge..too bad, , nice try