Reviews for "SpriteTT#4:FinalFantasy"

Great teamwork!

That shit was dope! Mad props!


Not one aspect of that movie was funny. The visuals were good (except for the spazzy sprite from Kingdom Hearts) and the sound was good, but besides that, a total bore.


it borders that line between good and crappy.I saw better podries than this not to offend u guys or anything


I have mixed emotions about this one. To start with I'm not too much of a fan of FF (sorry square:-p) to begin with, but I do like it. The select screen and preloader was very well done. Square your abilities have really improved from when you first started. Infact all of them were very good, just not interest, not as interesting as the mass assault on the Goombas... or the epic battle of the Robot Masters... basically I htink the main thing with this time trial is that the talent and skill of the authors was there, but the subject material isn't grabbing the audience like it once did... meh whatever, I still gave you guys a 5 :-p


Cant think of anything protuctive to say (nor anything funny due to the overall lack of humor brought on by this) so heres some scores
scores out of 5:
SquareHard: 3 (not bad at all)
TootBook: 1 (ugh...dont ever try to be funny again)
HAcoreRD: 4 (hehe...lollipops!)
Xanadu32: 4 (very funny)
luigi_dude: 2 (not funny enough, crappy text/textboxes)

and uh....yeah cool.