Reviews for "SpriteTT#4:FinalFantasy"

Humourous.. if you were a preteen

Just most of them... sucked. I tip my hat to luigi_dude12 and Square Hard.

Rest made me want to shove hot pokers into my eyes.

Only Xanadu's impressed me

The rest werent as innovative or anything interesting, the one Xanadu made was much more original and innovative than the rest...so most of the score up there is influenced on that.

my rating is basically the 5 author's averages

you all got 8 for graphics cause you used sprites and didn't design them, i gave you 4 zero's and 1 ten for style (10/50) and the 10 was given to Xanadu, you all the 10's for sound, everysingle one of your work(s) was violent enough. None of your works had ANYTHING to do with their original storyling except for the fact the characters were from the game, and the 7 is for Xanadu's again because his flash was basically the only one that made me laugh.

Seriously, how much time did you guys put into this movie? Doesn't seem like a whole lot to me. a lota people were dissapointed with you're work people. Not to be like one of those hollywood critics people. I only spent a minute writing this review.

SquareHard responds:

we spent as much time on this as you do in bed, so i guess thats about 5 minutes, give or take


xanadu's was the only good one.

hm gay jokes

funny - (applauds)

SquareHard responds:

yea, these jokes are about as gay as you, wow, i guess thats pretty gay - (applauds)