Reviews for "SpriteTT#4:FinalFantasy"


The first two movies where really good, the one from mister wannabe-hardcore...well, it was kinda stupid. :-/

The rest was also not that bad, but not what I except of a FF-spoof.

they were pretty good

i liked the first two but the others were a little bit much for me. kinda stupid but funny still. keep up the good work guys


All were boring !!!

No lollipop is safe for...

Locke. Great work


I like this style of animations great job. Great work on your ideas but your sound lacks a little, there isn't any sound effects of the clashing ot even the power ball. I would work on that a little bit. I would also like to know what you meant with time to have fun with the bodies. The idea was great animations everything was just great.