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Reviews for "The Little Match Girl"


Bravo, bravo. Good job.

RegisCartoons responds:

thank you for a highest mark ! happy holidays !


that was a sweet (i guess u could say) story it really actually brings meaning to christmas n stuff

RegisCartoons responds:

Really ? thanks then :) Merry Christmas and Happy New year !


Damn a good flash..... And damn a good story... but of course its a good story.. its a Danish story! And a danish writer! =] (Which is were I live... hehe.. )

Very good made! Make some more... but they dosnt have to be H.C. Andersen stories...

Keep up the good work!

RegisCartoons responds:

He he. Thank you, ManIAc-Deluxe ! Denmark must be proud of the nationality of H.C. Andersen ;) But I saw that it's really proud - what a nice statue of Andersen you guys have in Bilund, Legoland :) Oh...sweet memories... :D

Finally, something wholesome on Newgrounds!

I have to agree with the last review. This is a good, wholesome flash and I hate to see how everyone else uses violence, sex, and what-not to boost their ratings. You used none of that and you get a perfect score from me. The only reason i gave violence, interactivity, and humor a score of 0 is because they don't apply to this movie. Please make more good things like this!

RegisCartoons responds:

Thanks, LuisLTPG. Maybe there are already enough bloody flash movies in NG. The mark of this movie shows that there quite much people in Newgrounds.com whoat least sometimes likes to watch some movie without blood, killing, violence and irony. Merry Christmas to you. And thanks for the 10

great story, touching

Very touching story there. It makes you appreciate life even more and know that you're lucky to have you're family who cares for you and the fact that you have food to eat and a shelter to live in.
Well done!

RegisCartoons responds:

I completely agree with you, buddy ! Thanks for a mark and review ! Good luck next year !