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Reviews for "The Little Match Girl"


This was just great i loved it the first time i heard it and now that someone put it into a flash. This is a work of art i hope you make something else next christmas too. But if you do make it just as good as this.

RegisCartoons responds:

Ok, we can have deal. I like Christmas time and I may make some other movie for next Xmas ! :) Thank you for your mark !


ASh irgi lietuvis. NU nusistebejau kad chia lietuvis pasirodys tajp galingaj =]. MANO filmukai shudas bet ir kitu lietuviu chia ash nemaciau :|. Zodziu kurk daugiau =]

RegisCartoons responds:

Bet geeras, niekad nezinojau, kad Newgrounds.com tiek lietuvaiciu yra :) Aciu uz review. Stengiuosi garsinti musu Lietuvele cia :) Na va - yra jau mano THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL flashas frontpage'e. Chebra atsidarys mano profili ir paskaitys aha - Lithuania, Vilnius :) Linksmu Kaledu ir geru Naujuju 2005-uju metu Tau !

Very nice story

This was a great flash. The story was very touching, and showed the true meaning of the holidays. It's a sad world when mindless violence like Friday the 24th and Madness XMas Special 2 have higher scores than a flash like this.

RegisCartoons responds:

The authors of Friday the 24th and Madness XMas Special 2 also worked very hard on their movies/games and I think they deserve to be in a Front Page. I'm just making my movies in different style. It's not better or worse than others - it's just my style, my point of view. Thank you for the 10 ! Have a merry Christmas and a happy New year, buddy !

now you have done it

You gone and made me cry u bastard :'(. im vote 5 right now

RegisCartoons responds:

Sorry, bro. But that is a sad story...

yes good

cool graphics and funny movie