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Reviews for "The Little Match Girl"

This story ....

aleays makes me cry no matter what time of year it is. I enjoyed your telling of it.

RegisCartoons responds:

nice to hear it, my dear. I'm glad you liked the story. Happy Christmas !


That is the first flash cartoon i've seen that actually made me sad. Good work.

RegisCartoons responds:

Really ? that's a big compliment for me. Merry Christmas to you and have a happy and creative (you're WEB DESIGNER ;)) 2005 year !


It is good looking and the music is very good.

the animation is limited and the figures are not all that impressive, but the backgrounds and scenery are wonderful with all the shop signs and the details in the church etc.
The music and sound is well chosen and in perfect timing.

there are a few details I would like you to consider-
-the music stops very abruptly as she reaches the church.
-make the tears in church a little more subtle, paler blue, not welling up over the whole eye.
-make the choir mouth movement better, you don't need full lip sync, but something closer would be much better- the church scene is otherwise so good the silly mouths spoil it.

Well done, thank you

RegisCartoons responds:

Thanks for noticing the details and for the useful advices ~

Could use work

I liked the story and it looked like you tried, but I think it could use ore effort. Good job though.

pretty good

at least she died happy :'(