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Reviews for "The Little Match Girl"

That was good!

I especially love the graphics, very rich in detail and a good story line. A must see for everyone!

RegisCartoons responds:

I'm glad that you noticed that, buddy :D I tryed to make backrgounds more detailed than it's usual in flash movies :) Merry Xmas ! And and thanks for the 10 !

wow i almost cried

good movie dude have a Merry Little Christmas

RegisCartoons responds:

Thanks for a great mark and have a Merry little Christmas !

How sad....

They told us that story in Elementary School. Each time I heard it, it just was so sad. I never thought someone would make a flash out of the story. But, you did a great job on it.

It's just so sad....

RegisCartoons responds:

I wanted to create this flash for the 2003 years Christmas, but I didn't had much spare time then. Glad I was able to make it this year ! Thank you for your mark and have a Merry Christmas !

nicely done

that was a touching movie. loved it. might actually make me crack a book open. all jokes aside, good job. keep it up.

RegisCartoons responds:

thank you very much, my friend ! Happy New Year to you !

Rare but wonderful

I must say its one great flash, i love how you captured the feeling. It's great to know that people around the globe still know of him.

PS: I'm danish (DK, Denmark) Proof: Det her er hvorfår jeg siger jeg er dansk. Bare fordi jeg kan! :D