Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


awards this song should get:

Best song on newgrounds

Most relaxing song in world

Most stress realeving song ever

More that I can't think of 'cause i just did 5 and a half hours of homework.

broove responds:

Yeah.. too bad there are no awards for songs on newgrounds.

Thanks for the review, amte ;)


wow this is so amazing. simple yet wondrous and calming, one of the best classical music ever!

broove responds:

Thank you, I appreciate it ;)


An amazing piece that conveys a sense of...well i dont know really. Something like this can fit in so many different situations. A really moving piece of music. 10 estrellas

broove responds:

Oh, estrellas are the best.
Lays sucks and Adazu Cipsi suck even more.

Thank you ;)


Some people don't feel anything when listening to this song, others feel everything. Only people who have experienced sadness and lonliness, will understand this song and get the meaning out of it.

broove responds:

Very good review, mate. Thank you ;)


This song gives me chills down my spine.
I love piano pieces, they're always beautiful.
This song describes a lot of different emotions people feel as well said by Elvenefris.

I think you should hands down make another version of this song =D

broove responds:

Will see about that.
Thank you for the review. and listening