Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

Simply beautiful...

A solitary piano opens, yet it has a profound statement to make: Loss, pain, grief, emptiness, and misery. And yet underlying all of that...

...is Hope.

The tempo picks up at the end, and we are driven further on our journey for answers...

broove responds:

I'm glad you liked it ;)

Wow just wow

holy crap it makes me wants to cry

broove responds:

That's good, that's good... Thanks for listening

The only song that made me cry on NG

wow... All I can say is this is really amazing! This song made me cry.... missing somebody... but the other hand, it sounds happy too.... I'm really amazed, great job... keep up the good work!

ps: can I see the music notes for this song? I want it to been played on my funeral when I'll die to early.

broove responds:

"missing somebody... but the other hand..."
Naughty people may misunderstand that. Be careful, mate! :D

I don't use notes. But you can get piano tabs from my user page.
And yes, this is the best song for dying people.

But seriously, thanks for listening ;)


Just amazing. Makes me feel so good after hard day at school :)

broove responds:

I'm glad. thanks


Simply amazing. I came out of today incredibly sad and then me and my ex who I was deeply in love with got back together...and I found this song...

This is quite simply the best song I've ever heard composed for Newgrounds. I can't stop listening to it.

broove responds:

Don't stop!
Keep listening!

I'm glad you liked it, mate. Thank you