Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


this is the most beatiful love song i ever heard... thanx a lot.. and go on ...

broove responds:

Thank you, I will

love these songs

They bring peace to my lonely heart.

broove responds:

Yea, glad they do.

Ahh <:)

Takes me to another world, it's just amazing ! Thank you so much for making/sharing such a beautiful song.

broove responds:

Thank you for such a cheerful comment


took me a while to remember what this was called and where i can find it because i hadnt listened to it in so long.....the song represents so much the melody is just warming to the heart this lyric is so moving.

broove responds:

Glad you feel this way. And thank you for listening.

you heard it all b4 but AWESOME

man this is a really awesome song when added to the games such as colour my heart

you cant help but to play for hrs this song gets me right in the heart
just awesome man
keep it up :D :D

broove responds:

Yea, many have said that. And I appreciate it. thank you too ;)