Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


yo this song reminds me of my lil brother....dude he died when i was twelve
this shit is amazing dude
you are unrivaled...
its ridikilous


5/5 10/10

broove responds:

sorry for your bro.
Thanks for listening

My wings...

I just fly away when I listen to it, in my mind anyway. I think I'll put it on my iPod and loop it through the night as I fall asleep.

very nice beat, the heart-beating is perfect.

The piano sounds so perfect and the rythms and notes all fit together perfectly.
The notes are all perfect.

during the almost end, it stops, but picks up, like I'm taking a break, then flying again.

I hate the ending, it just stops and I want to hear more, so I listen again.

The ending isn't bad, just the fact that the song is over...

A nice music video for a movie or game that is sad or lovely and this song would be a great combo.

Thank you very much,


broove responds:

Yeah, many people are using that combo. And the result looks (and sounds) pretty nice.
Thank you man for the review.
I'm glad you liked the song ;)


Dude this is just perfect!... very cool song so peaceful...

broove responds:

thank you ;)

Truely touching.

This so reminds me of all the broken hearts in my life time. And the end reminds me that you always have to keep moving and not to life in the past.

broove responds:

thanks for listening, mate ;)

Wait what?

A lot of it sounds like the music from Shadow of the Colossus...

broove responds:

And here comes another one...
What is it? A game?
Give me the name of the song, I want to compare it myself.