Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"


I haven't heard a song this good on Newgrounds since Deciduous. Bravo.

broove responds:

thank you

man you rule=]

i really like this song is beautiful

broove responds:

thanks ;)


such beautifull song =') relaxxx ;D

broove responds:

Good, good.

Shows exceptional talent

This piece is something to be proud of.

Very precise and emotional.

My personal opinion is that the faster passage (from 2:23 onwards) ruins the effect a little. Slow it down a bit, then it will fit in more with everything else.

Excellent work!

broove responds:

Thanks for the review.
In my opinion the speed is appropriate though.

I like this song

This song is good indeed but your title only has a small role in this track. The heartbeats could be a bit louder with more reverb. When you increase the sound of the heartbeats when introduced you will get a more emotional feeling trust me. I kept thinking to myself are my headphones crackling then realized it was the heartbeats. This is a great track so dont be dissapointed. I love the flow and its not overdone with upbeat tempos and wannabe techno. Keep up this type of music if this is what you like cause you got the talent and skills. I look forward to hearing more.

broove responds:

Sometimes I get bored with this type of music.. But I don't have enough skills to make something else.
I didn't try sound increasing in heartbeats so I can't comment how that would work.

Thank you for the review ;)