Reviews for "ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5"

Nice story!

That was cool. Adding on to the Crono Trigger storyI believe this one will be a success. My wishes of luck to you all!


your backgrounds are double the size that they should be.

fiiiiix iiiiit. :(

you may also want to work on your grammar and middle english. yeah.


Soberb line of history!!! continue this way!!!

((( NICE )))

I like this most of all for the story, it had a cool style about it all, glad to see vince back working on mre quality stuff, and congrats on the award, the sprites were cool, but could be better, nice job people...


Do one of those lemons...

I really think you should either improve your sprite work or just write the story down and send it to an Chrono Trigger fanclub or something. Ayla was choppy and the fight wasn't good. At least make the bits move or shoot around instead of one place at the same time. Story line is good though... it's just that your flash work is crap right now. (I'm too tired to think of a nicer way to say it)