Reviews for "ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5"


In my case when i go to newgrounds, its to have some fun watching interesting movies that have sound. For reading go to school, put some voice in the characters next time. As if i were to read that bible that was written in this episode. And it was boring, better luck next time.

Great sprite movie

I've always been a fan of Chrono trigger. This has not let me down. I also loved how the dialogue for Glenn was not over used. Some people try too hard to make it sound medieval, and screw the whole thing up. Great job! On with the series!

ummm k

i didnt like it it was boring man..... the speeches were better but.. god that was fucking boring

Plot and length

Don't bother listening to the last guy that reviewed. He was just ranting for the sake of ranting. I really have enjoyed this series so far and the story line is good. I like the incorparation of the characters from Chrono Trigger. The plot is very good. One comment that I could make for improving this is the length. All of the flashes so far have been way too short. If you could make the story progress a little farther during the episode that would make me and many other people happy. Thanks for your work.

worst daily feature ever?

might be...no offense but this is not worth a first place...didn't even deserve to be in first 5 in my opinion....the sound it's horribly compressed yet your movie it's a huge 4mb!!...and it's nothing but clicky clicky and thats it..it's over...i guess u were lucky to submit it on a slow day(should've waited one more day to submit mine lol)...just don't let it get to ur head cuz u even u should realize that this movie wouldn't have won an award any other day...u have to improve a lot but i can see u got talent...

and it took 4 guys to do this movie?...what did the others do?..gave u tips?...i bet they're very happy for getting a free daily award..