Reviews for "ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5"


I am going to be blunt.......
I love Chrono Trigger and all it's glory. But I really could not get into this. I don't like reading movies with alot of text unless it's funny like links quest for ass. If your going to make a series like this with a serious story atleast try to make it intresting because I felt like closing before it finished. The fight scene wasn't really that great either, ayla looked like she was a puppet attached to strings when she moved.
Sorry for the bad review but I just don't like movies where a few RPG sprites slowly walk on to the screen and do a medocore RPG style friend. Best of luck on your next episode.


excellent! i would have watched sooner, but damn uni exams!! but anyway, worth the wait, this was another brilliant piece. the tweening has improved and the plot thickens!! would it kill you to make the episodes a bit longer?! lol, keep them coming, i love your work!


It was a bland project. But let me tell you something. I LOVE CHRONO TRIGGER! So automatic ten! Reason why is becuse i love it so much. i remeber the days when me and my older bro played this. He played i watched really. But now i play it. It still brings joy to hear those good old songs. Make more or suffer the wrath of Magus the Greatist Character!


nice job


Well i havent seen a submission from yall in a while.....um...i think what yall need to do is speed the fps rate for some of the sprites..or something....it just looked kinda choppy...i dunno. The music was a bit fuzzy...might want to boost the quality up. Your tweening would look better when the backgrounds move if you sped the fps rate like i said before.....*sigh* no one makes movies with me i could be a big help.....lol....and no one ever bothers to ask me if i needed help with my new movie FF Jeopardy 5....GRRRRRRRR lol Its an ok movie....needs some improvements