Reviews for "ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5"

make it better nex time.

sorta good. the only thing that made me watch was the graphics. meke the nex one better.


Congratulations on getting the daily feature!

Though I usually don’t like the next buttons on the text boxes it really helped.

My only complaint about this series is that it moves along a bit slowly; each episode gives such a small piece of the puzzle. But at least it’s better than DBZ. (That moves so slowly that you can miss every other episode and not miss anything.)

Keep up the good work

Well . . . it's Chrono!

The only thing saving this is my love for Chrono. For being such a simple part of the plot though, it could have been longer. Cause there was no real action.


im gonna say one thing and im only gonna say it once...
this was the most absolute waste of my time, CRAP!


How does it take 4 authors to make a piece of ****? Im not trying to be rude to the guys, I love Chrono Trigger and I love sprite flash. But this was really lazy and really short. Seriously, the only thing that happened was Ayla fights some robots. Chrono and gang talk to Dalton. Wow. And it took 4 authors to present this? Just simply amazing. Yeah Im being an ass right now but this flash was really poor. It could have been much better.</rant>

Next time, put more time and work into it. Put more effort into it.