Reviews for "ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5"

doing better

The first four had typos which i could deal with, but the character text was completely NOT how the characters would have spoken. I LOVE CT, and your story is interesting, but it's taking too long to get anywhere, and i think they should be combined, ex.-parts 1 and 2 put together, parts 3 and 4 put together. I liked the new addition of the pictures in the text boxes and the arrow buttons to move text along because i had to watch part 4 again because i missed one of Magus' lines. Anyhow, nice touches, keep up the series, and MAKE THEM LONGER PLEASE?

Oh please.....

u better hurry up caz many ppl are doing chrono series too lol

Wow! you're really good at this suspense stuff

I really like how you keep us intrested in figuring or finding out what's going on man. You give us little by little and still manage to not piss us off by giving us too little like some of the DBZ episodes. Those DBZ producers really really piss me off!!!!

"Find out on the next exciting but redundant episode of Dragon Ball Z!!!!!!" Ya, anyways, I would give ya 6 out of 5 if I could, I don't understand why you have an average of a high 3. I should be 4 or something in my opinion. Maybe it's because they thought it was too short. And I kinda have to agree on that one. They are a bit too short..... But everything else kicks ass. Hope you make Daily Feature on your next one.


The story is getting very interesting, keep up the good work.

Good Graphics..

Wow, you could of at the very least added sounds. Oh. Reading. That's fun. I would just buy a book if I wanted to read. BLAM!

SquareHard responds:

dont blame me if you suck at reading, thats your own problem, not mine, just go buy hooked on phonics, im sure youll enjoy reading a bit more afterwards