Reviews for "ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5"

very nice

This flash is very nicly made this eps looks to have come from a game (...Mabee thats something to think about...) i'mlooking forward to the next.

hmmm daily Feature!???!?!?!?!?!?!

i havent seen the previous eps but i might one day....... the story makes sence to me, but its kinda boring and short..... the name of the reptite is Azala not Azula, but if you did that on purpose than i have nothing to say...... the sprites ain't very smooth, so umm i guess you have to work more on it....... u might say : Shut up , you haven't done any flashes!, i know but still i have watch lots of sprites movies..... i didn't say this is bad but just work more on it.......

How did this get daily feature?

Ur movie is rigid, it has no fluent motion. In addition, the backround could be tweaked a bit more for better quality.
The dialogue was bad too >.<. Can't u come up with something original?

Summary: The author finds an excuse to get a decent score with crono trigger sprites. The party walks around with stiff motion and speaks bad dialogue. The battle scene comes on. The battle scene shows no effort. The battle scene is bad. THE BATTLE SCENE WAS BASICALLY THE WHOLE FREAKIN MOVIE!!!

Anyway, if you want to earn (I put this word in here for a reason) a high score on your movie standards, i suggest you improve on your technique to make this stand out from other crono or sprite movies for that matter. There's a reason why people generally hate sprite movies, and if you don't improve upon your flaws, you will add to this.

If you want to improve the battle scene, take a look at Crono Mirror or such good movies. You need more fluid motion in the movie basically


SquareHard responds:

ive only had flash for a little less than a month now, i am constantly trying to improve myself, sorry i couldnt do a good enough job for u, ill try my best on the next one, thx for the review

Such potential...

A summary:
Ayla and Azula walk around
Robots show up
Ayla tells azula to stay back, and fights them, kills them.
<Dialogue needs to flow better here...aylas is fine, but azula is a bit rigid, also, the walking could be sped up justtt a little..>
Whole party shows up
Omg looks like black omen..black omen is dead!
Omg dalton..dalton is dead! Dalton wants to make it up, party agrees.
Omg balthasar..balthasar is dead!
They need to find gaspar.

It was..well, cheesy. It used the same hook 3 times in rapid succession. It was quite short, and there was little to no actual action going on. So, it seems to me the bulk of this is script, which needs work.

You have potential here, but this didnt quite hit

I love it.

Chrono Trigger is so great. I just recently downloaded it and have been playing it for a while. I love it. Great job.