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Reviews for "Sleep Talker"

lol true stuff there

i TWICE cuaght my nephew talk in his sleep (i still remember it) first was Boomer boomer..... the second was..... (i forgot sorry) still it was funny oh ya one time i caught him snoring a very funny way (i think his noise or something was jammed or had something nearly blocking the way) He started squeaking, I just laughed and laughed. Sometimes i sleep walk to other place like my bunk-bed to the kitchen (weird) to outside of my house (joking)

That proves it.

Your a gamer girl. (and a good one at that)

-Isaac Shadow


i think i might have done that ....definately played zelda too much

just generaly funny

and you might like this
the guy talks in his sleep absolutly hilarious
e.g. badger tickling proceed with caution. LOL

i don't quite get it

but since you're awesome
i like it

This really made me laugh.

I'm going to have to check out your DA page. :D