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Reviews for "Sleep Talker"


Made me laugh, nice. Something like this happened to me a few weeks ago: JD was fast asleep on the couch, and he was holding a pillow. He had been asleep for a few hours now, and just out of the blue, he yelled, " I am NOT sitting next to Ron, and I FU*KING HATE SCRABBLE!!!" and he threw the pillow across the room, hitting Austin in the face.

Great story.

When I was younger i would go to bed and wake up in odd ways. Such as, I went to bed one time and woke up sidways. Another time on the floor, Hanging off my bed, On the middle of the stairs, In the f**king garage. I thought I grew out of it and then one day i woke up and I was laying in the yard. How this happened to me i have no Idea. :(

Even if you are completely insane,

At least you make life interesting for those around you. O.o

do u look like that in REAL LIFE???? i love you

well, ppl already told me that i talk(dirty, very dirty) in my sleep.... but when i woke up i dont even remember what i was dreaming, unfurtunately (is that how its written?)

Yeah I have at least once

I was told that I exclaimed a "WHAT THE F*CK?!" in a very loud, very serious tone, like there was something threatening in the room and I was about to let loose and kill it. It scared the crap out of my girlfriend. I can't remember what I was doing beforehand, though...