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Reviews for "Sleep Talker"

Sleeping like a Lazy Susan.

I don't talk in my sleep (anymore) but I still end up in peculiar positions when I wake up, though I'm usually hanging off the foot of the bed, on the floor or halfway out the door.

In regards to Zelda, you'd get along quite well with one of my friends. She loves Zelda as much as you do, I pretty sure.

lol XD

One time my brother passed out on the couch while I was watching tv, and he mummbled " noooooo put the waffle back." I was like what the hell are you talking about?(i didn't realize he was asleep until after I said that ) I dont think I talk in my sleep, but sometimes i wake up on the floor lol


No I haven't. And let this be a life lesson, THERE IS NO SUCH THING, AS TOO MUCH ZELDA! Lol, Great job Sabrina!


i assualted my friend once, to much dead space. but anyways good art style you definetly have a serious knack for this

So true

But for some reason when i get my friends sleep-talking they always talk coherently almost like im talking to a non-sleeping person