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Reviews for "Sleep Talker"


Really good drawing but what does a gravity defying hat have to do with playing too much zelda?

Sabtastic responds:

It's kind of a long story, but I'll try to keep it short. lol

There's a level in Twilight Princess where you have to use your iron boots to hang upside-down from giant swinging magnets. As I went on through this level, I noticed a really peculiar thing about Link's clothes. His hat stayed in place, pointing upwards, while he was hanging upside-down, and didn't fall off like any other normal hat would have. :O

..I didn't say anything about it while I was awake, but I guess my subconcious was BUGGED THE FUCK OUT by that weird little glitch. :P

Hah, nice

Ive had something like that happen with my brother. He was sleeping then shot straight up in bed looked at me and yelled. DONT SHOOT! Then laid back down. He said he didnt remember it at all.

Oahh!! im not the only one!

This one time, i was trying to catch a volbeat on pokemon emerald version, and i was trying all afternoon since 16:00, saying "stupid bug come out already!!" and i felt sleep at 23:00, then my mom tried to wake me, and i said in dreams: B..BUUG! bug stupid bug... i dont even remember it, but my mom told me about it the next morning XD.

Sabtastic, i love your work! not only because of the amazing technique but the passion that i can see in your work!!

PLEASE check my stuff, and tell me what you think


Once my mom was sleeping and then suddenly she yelled out "Its my turn on the swingset!" It was hilarious.

Eh, mild compared to me.

I have two things I'll do in my sleep. The first is I'll laugh, not a little "hehe" giggle. I mean full blown laugh until I'm wheezing james bond villian cackling. "HA...HAHA.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-zzzzzz" and then turn off at the drop of a hat instantly and sleep like nothing ever happened. The second comes from us living by a saw mill. If I'm asleep and a logging turn revs it's engine really hard as it goes up our road I'll think it's going to ram our house so I'll leap out of my bed, throw my door open and fly across the house in a panic, stop halfway, turn, and go back to bed with hardly any memory of my attempt to escape.