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Reviews for "Sleep Talker"

oh yeah

in the middle of the night my friends little brother sat right up and shouted "DON'T LET THE HOBOS GET MY YELLOW BEANS!" It was funny.


Makes me think about camp, someone yelled "JOHNEY! GET OUT OF MY PINEAPPLE!"

OMG sleep ranter...just like my gf

lol, exactly like, sarah since its mostly random stuff about her cat

"F*** you Tim!"

Sabtastic responds:

I can't remember this dream in particular, and it bugs the shit out of me,
but I remember being half-awake and catching myself saying:

"hah. mine's bigger."

I scared myself a little though - woke up thinking, "...wtf?"


yeah, that happen'd loads of time, not to me, but to my sista, bro and even to my roommate (my sista's best friend)...some years ago my bro was working in a photo lab, and sometimes before dinner i would eventually find him standing on his legs but with his torso laying on my bed (it was a 4 feet tall bed) and i tried to wake him up saying "hey bro dinner's almost ready, are u coming?" and he:"yeah, i'm coming, just waiting for this photo reel..." and me:"photo what??" and he"yeah, the photo reel in the coke can...." XD or one time my roommate was sleeping and i was dressin up going out and he went like "mhnoy...mn-mini moy...priest...." or my sista once woke me up in the middle of the night whispering my name...that totally creep'd me out!!

Not talking, but . . .

After going on a 3 day white water rafting camp with school, the first night back I woke up in the middle of the night to find my self sitting on the corner of my bed (the same possition I was in on the raft) rowing

Sabtastic responds:


That's actually probably the funniest one i've heard yet.