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Reviews for "Sleep Talker"

So damn talented!

I really like your stuff. All of it. And this one is funny..
You should really come and visit us in the art forum some time, we could use someone like you :P

*one of us - one if us - one of us*


Reminds me of a time when I tried to wake up my brother. He just say's "PLEASE DON'T CUT THE ACID!" LOL


Again I think self portraits are great and worthy of auto ten. I also thought this was hilarious. Both you and your freind look really good throughout the comic. Coloring, shading, texture, proportions, and facial expressions are very good. The couch though, looks a bit dirty... I was caught once talking in my sleep as well, "Fabio no... I don't... leave me alone blondie." Were the famous words....

Sabtastic responds:

lol! - Out of all the drawings i've ever submitted, this one has to be the best for getting awesome comments.

I always get stories from random people explaining things they've said while half-concious and they're ALWAYS hillarious!! XD

(hahaha Fabio, huh? XD)

My mom does that all the time....

"The Pie is blue!" said mom, "Pie, there was pie!?", cute picture, I like the whole style of it.

cool pic

my bro scares me. so i'm playin half-life 2 at night, and he freakin screams like an idiot in my face! about the pic, the simplicity really compliments the picture. the colors are nice too!