Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"

This is the best

This is the best work youve done. Honestly, words cant describe how good this dress up game truly is. Keep up the TREMENDOUS work. By the way, mor Usher, Ciara, and destinlys Child They're the bomb sheezey Fa reeleazy.


Hey this is pretty good, and you've got alot of variety for clothes. Just a couple thoughts though; more than 3 options for music would just make it that much better and you should try doing a dress up for a guy.

good times!

i gave it a 5 for the BRAK song!...good dress up too

Very good.

It's really good, just like your other work.

Its what I really expected

The file size is a bit much just for a dress up. Its not really necessary to have 3 whole songs in there but none the less the feature makes it SLIGHTLY more interesting. I can see you have a clear concept of using movie clips that interchange other than that.... yeah its another dress up.