Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"

Clean and fresh... i love it!

Ahh.. another fantastic effort by Miranda.. that was great, no sense of incredible sleaziness and it was a fresh dress-up, clever...! great!!..marry me miranda!! (note the use of alliteration) hahaha keep churning them out champ!


That says about all of it right there. But I absolutely adore this game. Lucifer, you know what? Shut your trap and shove it up your ass. No one wants to hear your complaining. The way you organized your clothing was very nice though a bit more could've been added. Overall, good.

very good

I like the different clothes but it would be better if we could move it on ourselfs. Also the different musics were good. Keep up the good work.

everything was great but.....

the sound could have been a bit clearer

I loved it!!

I tried the small red shirt with frills, the flame skirt, black bottoms, and flame thrown brown hair, and she looked kick-@$$ hot!! This is one of my favorite dress up games! Great job. Keep it up! (one thing- you should be able to try on different bras and undies.)