Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"

You did it again

I love everything that you do! Good job Miranda!

Best one ever, really like it

i really love your dress ups and i'm so happy that your last few have allowed me to change skin tones...i kinda wish it had more hairstyles this time...and no school uniform? also your new style is less cluttered...but i miss the drag and drop becuase i could come up with crazier combos and i could layer the shirts more...

also to the last reviewer...her bra is removable for certain tops...duh! try wearing a tube top with a big white bra


i think dress-ups are lame unless they're funny or weird, etc, but i'm giving you a good score for that Brak song! TOO friggin funny. we loves the brak. i'm taking a point off for making her bra removable though cuz it's just unneccessary. *shrug* 4/5

Not Bad

Not to bad for a dress up game X)

nicely done

you probably do the best dress up's on newgrounds. this one is really nice for a bunch of reasons but mainly these: good items to choose from, nice options of music, and the chick was half bad either.