Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"

Good & Easy

Honestly I liked Summer Flirt more--her sitting pose looked more natural and relaxed and IMHO she was more visually appealing--still you did a fine job corralling all the clutter so that's a bonus. Looks like you've not submitted anything in a few years, I hope that doesn't mean you've given it up? It's refreshing to have works produced from a female perspective.


KICK @SS i tried blue straight hair black lips Sky blue eyes blue pants black skirt -over top of the pants- -black eye shadow- -black boots-

I loved it!!

I tried the small red shirt with frills, the flame skirt, black bottoms, and flame thrown brown hair, and she looked kick-@$$ hot!! This is one of my favorite dress up games! Great job. Keep it up! (one thing- you should be able to try on different bras and undies.)

everything was great but.....

the sound could have been a bit clearer

a very well put together dress up

very nicely done man

theres just one thing

work on making the sound a little clearer other than that it was good