Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"

you rock

im glad that you did another dress up, this one its beautifull and even if your first one was good this one is much better, you did a awaysome work here; but next time can you make a goth dress up?


Beautiful,could use more purple,like purple bra and underwear,and purple jewelry,and purple make up,and purple shoes,definitley MORE PURPLE OF EVERYTHING! IT RULES,MAKE MORE!!!!!!!


nice choice of music :)!Brand New is my favorite band ever.Nice clothing also.


one of the best i have seen and beleave me i have seen a lot of them!good job dude

Good job!

You make GREAT dress-ups, and I envy your ability to draw. *sigh*
"I Love You Baby" song just rocks. Ahehe! ^_^
Good job, keep going, please.