Reviews for "Road Blocks"

lvl 4

lvl 4 is impossible


Rocked my head for a few hours, but I beat it. It was very satisfying to beat each level. Mmmm brain excercise!


i beat it heres lvl codes
Level 1: (none)
Level 2: kl
Level 3: hottub
Level 4: trashcan
Level 5: ciaorules
Level 6: ciaosucks
Level 7: ikes
Level 8: fenwick
Level 9: kegstand
Level 10: tprompt
Level 11: tdkside1
Level 12: ppdryarea
Level 13: enterprise
Level 14: krasnow
Level 15: webcam
Level 16: mertin
Level 17: hotwater
Level 18: hospital
Level 19: sub2
Level 20: jazzmans
Level 21: sandy
Level 22: corky

it's ok

I've seen a lot of similar games. I liked the 1 way directional arrows and the way the levels fall apart. I can't beat level 14. It just doesn't seem possible. I tried for 10mins straight!! Friggin annoying, lol


I can't get past level 8 but nice game.
In 2 you should make a level editor.