Reviews for "Road Blocks"

fun game!

THis was really difficult...... but fun.

graphics... good graphics with an arcade feel to the game

style... arcade style to the game... really cool style and it is not used much anymore

violence... unless you consider the ball whacking into stuff violent there is no violence...

humor... I laughed at myself when I finally figured out some of the harder stages...

overall... I enjoyed this game. It was really fun and challenging! WHen you make the sequel, make a level designer! that would rock


I liked it...

I actually liked this game! The grpahics weren't bad, but I've seen this type of puzzle before, such as in the gameboy Poke'Mon games (when I was little), and in many others, so it's not too good as far as originality. The sound wasn't to good either! That music annoyed me, and the beeping was driving me crazy! I don't care though, you still get a good score for making an overall fun and classic game!

You owe me 30 minutes of my life

Level 12 took 15 minutes of it...


i cant get past level 16 but the game is soo fun i cant stop playing really good

well done

It took about an hour for me to beat all of them. 14 and 17 took a little thinking but they ARE possible dispite what many people are saying. Can't wait for the sequel :D