Reviews for "Road Blocks"


Ok, when I started this out I had just read the on-page review of someone who really hated this game and said he could not get past level 8. I then became skeptical, but I tried it out and I have to say that it was an incredible time killer, and much kudos to you for making it.

I beat all 22 levels (over time), and anyone who does not sit down and really try to beat all levels of this game is lazy, stupid, and/or imputent.

(Hint: Many obvious methods are really not the easiest or correct path!)

dude that was definite pwnage

that was friggen fun but I cant get past level 17 still working on it as i speek maybe you should like make a tutorial or stradegy guide for it or something definetly make a downloadable version and/or a sequal big thumb up like it was hit with a hammer....or something.....

Very very good but

but i cant get past level 14 ive tryed lots of ways i still cant figure it out to anyone that has gotten past 14 please post how to get past it lol ITS WAY TO HARD FOR ME

awesome game

thats an awesome game.


one of those puzzle games thats addicting nice job, kept me playnig till 11:30 at night, and i beat, half of them i got lucky on especially i think lvl 20 where its full of portals, i got it on my first try :P but damn, it was hard btw, last pass is corky if you just wanna skip to the last lvl, but you miss a lot of good stuff if you do that