Reviews for "Road Blocks"

nice game

Orbox without all the graphics... maybe. Still, I really enjoyed orbox, and I really enjoyed this- regardless which came out first. For me, the crux of the game must be the puzzles, the rest is just icing, and I actually thought this was harder than Orbox, which = more fun to me.
I don't really see anything to critique, except maybe to add couple music selections (choices are annoying or silence).
I especially enjoyed the slight frustration of seeing a 5 move victory that doesn't use any of the cool blocks after 10 tries of running all over the board :) I think that is why I enjoyed it more than Orbox -the puzzles didn't necessarily depend on all the elements presented to you.

Jeriomario is right, a level editor would be great, but it would benefit from some sort of checking mechanism to make sure completion is possible... hmmm... Then you could actually have a "random creation" process you could use for testing and implementing future puzzle games, and THAT would be awesome.

Great game, good job... make more, and all that.

To Funkypants100

this came out first, if you go to the first orbox game it says, JUST like roadblock but still rocks. Unrelated to correcting you, i think this game is fairly fun and was a great idea, it created a hit game by influence, good job.


its just orbox with worse graphics

favorite game

this puzzle makes you think and is awsome at the same time

gooooooooooooooooood game