Reviews for "Road Blocks"


I am sure lvl 14 is not possiblem!
can yuo send the solution to this web address: digsag@web.de?
i realy don't thick it is possible i've tried All possible combinations!!
I like the Game!

this game rocks.

I always seem to get stuck on level 17. i can never seem to remember how i beat it. Also, the easiest level in the game has to be Level 20. It's impossible to lose. great game. can't wait for number 2.


Ahahahaha I can't beat level 14 I'm so badd!


this game is ez.... oh and to all you people who cant beat level 14... LOL THAT WAS THE EAZIEZT LEVEL FOR ME MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

nice game

nice game, got stuck on level 13 though