Reviews for "Road Blocks"

Every level can be beaten all 22 of them

Level 01 Password: (none)
Level 02 Password: k1
Level 03 Password: hottub
Level 04 Password: trashcan
Level 05 Password: ciarules
Level 06 Password: cioaosucks
Level 07 Password: ikes
Level 08 Password: fenwick
Level 09 Password: kegstand
Level 10 Password: tprompt
Level 11 Password: tdside
Level 12 Password: ppdryarea
Level 14 Password: krasnow
Level 15 Password: webcam
Level 16 Password: mertin
Level 17 Password: hotwater
Level 18 Password: hospital
Level 19 Password: sub2
Level 20 Password: jazzmans
Level 21 Password: sandy
Level 22 Password: corky

Good time waster

This is a good game for wasting time and is a good puzzle game maybe add a few more hard levels and it would be perfect

Almost exactly like Orbox...

...meaning if it was a great game, this is, too!
I liked the ball movement and the level layouts... Although some of them were WAY too hard. Level 12 took me, like, 20 minutes to figure out, and I got to the ending on accident. The music and sounds also got on my nerves. The music looped evrey 3 seconds with a slight gap, and the sounds repeated over and over got REALLY annoying. Other than the difficulty level and the sound, it was amazing!

But here are a couple of glitches:

1. People have been asking about the Level 17 glitch. I haven't found it myself, but I figure it's there. If it's not, I was never aware of the fix.

2. When your ball is tucked away in a corner, like if a wall is above and to the right side of the ball, press against both of the walls at the same time and there's some wierd animation glitch. I'm not sure how you'd fix this or if you can, but if you're able to, I'll be happy.

Lvl 16 is blocked off

no possible way to beat it. fix this


I used paint to search every possible way to do lvl 14. It is impossible. If not, I woulda given it 10/10. Instead it got a 0.