Reviews for "Road Blocks"

Meh. Perhaps I'm stupid, but even in examining every potential way out, and even in knowing that most levels are false flag designs with the answer often right in front of you, I still cannot for the life of me figure out the solution; and considering my record I trust I'm not stupid.

Considering others have noted glitches in the past, I will simply chock it up to that.

There's a bug on the level jazzmans, if you try to move in the wrong direction (against the red goal) when you move in the right direction again the ball will get stuck. Please fix ASAP (hahaha).

This game is a classic on the internet, one of the first I ever played and still one of my favourites.
It looks so complicated until you get the hang of it. It's all about seeing what's hidden in plain sight.

love it

Holy Wowzers!

This game made me think.....I can feel my brains sizzling in my head right now....

20 minutes

i have to say that it's a great game... but try and put more levels... it only took me that long to figure out all of them... i didn't know the credit page would show up so early :P