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Reviews for "Shrimps McGee"


My Gosh he's adorable!! :) i like the music, too, great choice ^^

Shits McGAY! More like

That was fucking stupid and i'm sure none of the stuff he said was true except for physical excercise being good for you. But because your Harry Partridge and this was kinda funny... im gonna give you a 10.
Merry F'ing Christmas Harry

Shrimps McGee!

This was ridiculous in all the best of ways.

Shrimps McGee ha

you realy were in a good mood when you did this ,well thanks for puting me in a good mood to

Hee hee cute!

Wow, it's hard to beleive that this was actually made by HappyHarry. It just doesn't seem like his style. But it was cute I'll give it that. Heck, I didn't even know he was here for that long. Best 2 episodes ever. Sort of!